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Credit Score Scale Explained! If you are thinking of applying for a loan, it will be a good idea to first check where you stand on the credit score scale . Why? Because knowing where you are on the scale can have a huge effect on the interest rates you’ll get. ...


by Gerri Detweiler You’ve heard of credit scores. Maybe you’ve even checked yours. But do you really understand what they are and how they work? Here we explain what credit scores are and what you need to know to make the most of yours. ...


Why the US Economy is Ok Hate Credit Card Fees? Here are 3 Cards That Kick Fees to the Curb September 9th, 2014 by Alice Bryant FICO is the source most lenders use to determine a borrower’s credit score. FICO uses an extensive formula intended to assist financial organizations with making high-volume, complex financial decisions. ...


A measure of an individual's creditworthiness . Credit scoring involves the quantification of a variety of factors in an individual's background, including a history of default , the current amount of debt , and the length of time that the individual has made purchases on credit . ...


5 Ways to Improve Your Negotiation Skills 12 Tips for Team Building How Your Income Affects Your Credit Solutions to Your 9 Biggest Credit Problems 7 Steps to Getting Out of Debt If you want to pay off your debt but you don't know where to get started, follow these seven steps to get out of debt. ...
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by Sep 7th 2015 5:00AM Credit scores are used by employers, landlords, banks, credit card issuers and other lenders, but consumers often don't understand what goes into them. ... by Sep 4th 2015 5:00AM A lousy credit score penalizes consumers in myriad ways. And there is one area, in particular, that homeowners need to pay special attention to. ...
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| Careers | Contact | 800-328-1935 Get your free credit score through Alliant Online Banking As a valuable ... part of membership, Alliant provides members their credit score free of charge Your credit score is a key indicator of your creditworthiness, representing the likelihood to meet or become delinquent on a credit obligation in the future. ...


r most sincere gratitude goes to a large group of SCORE volunteers that have committed the time to our web development project and dedicated so much time and effort to its success. ...   Nothing that we attempt to do would be possible without the tireless efforts, commitment, and dedication of SCORE Volunteers. Our gratitude also goes out to every single SCORE volunteer who took the time to review program materials and provide feedback. ...


go beyond your score with the app for iPad Now, wherever you go, get much more than a score with the revolutionary app for iPad®. It's loaded with powerful and simple ways for you to understand your credit. Mobile homepage features an easy-to-read summary of your Credit Score and credit activity Quick access to your ...
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