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0 Like a modern-day Icarus, this newfound comet learned the hard way what happens when you fly too close to the sun. ... ) The space agency's orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) then witnessed the bright, unnamed comet get vaporized on January 3. (Related picture: "Sun Probe Spies New Periodic Comet." ) SOHO was able to watch the comet plunging toward the sun thanks to its occulting disk, seen as an opaque circle at the center of the images. ...
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While I had figured out how to do many things with my Mac, including make photo projects, books, movies with soundtracks and newsletters, and I had learned to use things like Wordpress and Constant Contact, I had never created a PowerPoint. ...


Media Lab, where the Summit was held on July 15-16. New Work: The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew London is the greenest city in Europe, and a huge part of this greenery can be found in The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. ...
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print Researchers have discovered a new snail, which is so unusual that it has been granted its own genus: Kenyirus. ... "When I first found the snail on the forest floor, I knew immediately it would be a new genus and species," with the non-profit research group Rimba, James Cook University and Universiti Malaya told Mongabay. ...


University (PSU) say they have completed development on a new manipulation device, which is about the size of a dime, and which can be used to manipulate living materials. ... Penn State bioengineers and biochemists are responsible for creating the new instrument. They believe that the sound wave-based acoustic tweezers will produce significant improvements in the field of biomedical research. ...


Corporation (GRDC) and an Australian university. The new Centre is a major investment that will benefit from the construction of new high quality research facilities at Curtin that ...


( Football ) Trident row and pensioner bust ups - Scotland's front pages focus on a minister sparking a row with the SNP over Trident and a pensioner's bust up with a love rival More... ( Scotland ) A complicated history - How the events of 1916 at the Somme and in the Easter Rising still have enormous significance More. ...


Newpark Drilling Fluids provides drilling fluid systems and technical services around the world, including solutions for technical drilling projects involving complex subsurface conditions. ... Our technological experts are committed to matching performance criteria with cost-effective tools, refining and perfecting application techniques to provide solutions to a wide range of challenges. Newpark is a successful global company with the ability and resources to create the best products and services. ...


market. Xerox Reports Second-Quarter 2015 Earnings News Release Related Earnings Documents Webcast and Multimedia Xerox Reports Second-Quarter 2015 Earnings (PDF, 1. ...

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