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Tweet This page contains consumer credit and debt statistics -- including statistics on credit card debt, credit card delinquencies, credit scores, credit card interest rates, debit cards, prepaid cards, bankruptcies and more -- compiled by the staff. ...
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Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. From the article: How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many I once heard someone say you need at least four credit cards - a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and an American Express. ...
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in hand... High Balances: Using too much of your credit limit is bad for your FICO score. So if you currently have any cards that are maxed out or close to it, a credit card for fair credit will probably be easier to get approved for. ...
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Great for people who want to build or rebuild their credit rating. Even those who have had County Court Judgements against them in the past, or who have defaulted on previous credit arrangements will be considered for the card, provided you can demonstrate some history of managing your credit. Capital One Main office: Trent House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3HX. ...


Advertising Disclosure is an independent, advertising-supported web site. receives compensation from many credit card issuers whose offers appear on our site. Compensation ...


Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Capital One have settled the Credit Card Interchange Fee Case by offering to establish $7.25bn fund to pay merchant claims. Filed by the US retailers against the card issuers and their respective issuer banks in 2005, ...
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Community Discussion Credit cards for excellent credit are typically the most attractive offers on ... which usually means a credit score above 720. Credit cards for excellent credit (certain offers shown below ...


personal finance reference articles. When applying for credit cards you should not apply to a variety of companies at once. ... Apply to one and be patient as you wait to find out if your application was approved. Applying to a number of credit card companies all at once may cause issues in regards to your credit score. ...


anyone has experience with them? I already have two Capital One cards and don't plan to app for another for quite awhile, but, I love the idea of supporting a charity by picking one of their credit cards.   These first two it looks like you earn rewards too. ...


Brief Excerpt: ...Credit card loss metrics declined across the industry in 3Q10, ... For example, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One (domestic card), and JPMorgan Chase have written off approximately 11. ...

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