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If you don’t check your credit card statement every month, you may be racking up hidden credit card charges without even realizing it. According to a study released last month from software company BillGuard and research firm Aite Group, there are roughly 233 million hidden credit card charges each year.  ...
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1B in April Americans borrowed more in April to attend college and buy cars and were a little less cautious with their credit cards than the previous month. Alan Prahl column: Weigh options before tapping 401(k) to pay debt Quick Agreement Bad Credit Loans- Meet your pressing demands of capital Tend not to cling on 1 web site or one bank. ...


after he was arrested on suspicion of using stolen credit cards to rent a $240,000 sports car and a $12 million vacation home. Mohanned Halaweh, 19, was arrested ... Prosecutors have charged him with four felonies — credit card fraud, receiving stolen property, identity theft ...
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56% (all variable) The average annual percentage rate, or APR, for variable-rate credit cards increased 4 basis points to 14.56 percent from 14. ... The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Monday ordered American Express to refund $85 million to 250,000 credit card holders for a host of illegal practices. The issuer also must pay a $27.5 million penalty. The CFPB said the company withheld ...
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for consumers who are serious about reducing their credit card debts. If you have several cards, many experts recommend paying off those with the highest interest rates first. ... Many people start spending again when they see their credit card debt go down. They use credit to maintain the quality of life they set when they began to over spend. ...
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Using a credit card? Watch out for the 'checkout fee' - Jan. 27, 2013 -
By Emily Jane Fox   @emilyjanefox Stores in most states could ... charging you a fee on Sunday when you buy something with credit cards, as a result of a Visa and Mastercard settlement last summer. ...


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Arrives In NYC, Now Supports Group Chats And More credit cards How I Funded My Company With Credit Cards (And Almost Failed) protean Next Story Online ...
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9. NEW YORK (Reuters) - The sales pitch, "No credit? No problem!" is now a major problem for lenders. ... When the economy was surging, lenders were willing to extend credit to anyone with an urge to spend, even those with a history of bankruptcy. ...


But if you're in a rental car in an unfamiliar city, driving on an e-toll road with no cash lanes can leave you with a nasty charge on your credit card bill. As the number of cashless e-toll roads has risen, so have the complaints about fees piled on top of fees. ...
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