credit card quagmire ars

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Pinned to his chest was a large white button: "Pay Cash—Don't Be Tracked." Instead of business cards, Stallman has "pleasure cards." In addition to his name and contact information, ... Instead, any journalist wishing to speak to Stallman must agree to refer to GNU or GNU/Linux. "Otherwise you're denying us credit," and not placing readers' focus on the software freedoms that Stallman wants to emphasize. ...


If it came to that, we'd probably be better off just dumping MKV files on a flash memory card, and releasing the high definition video that way. ... And it has attracted quite a bit of interest: the project has been mentioned in Linux Pro Magazine ; I've been interviewed by Ars Technica ; and I've been supported enthusiastically by Question Copyright 's Karl Fogel (who actually suggested the name "Lib-Ray" for the standard). ...


Google Play or Google Wallet, for example. While your credit card history or your bank account is opaque to Google, your Amex or Chase app has all that info. ... It could be discounts, Passbook coupons, frequent mileage, virtual goods, leader-board rankings, check-in credits, credit card points, iTunes gifts, school course credits and so on. ...


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