credit card quagmire offshore

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The Q Wealth Report’s offshore banking guru Peter Macfarlane blogs on private ... dollars as closely as a Las Vegas pit boss watches a card player on a $1 million winning streak. Many of ... It includes Treasuries, agencies, corporate bonds, equities, and short-term instruments like T-bills. Foreigners bought a lot of T-bills when the credit crisis became acute. Your browser may not support display of this image. ...


Below are several examples of how offshore tools and techniques can be applied ... assets and get out from under regulatory quagmire. These are just a few examples, not an exhaustive list. There are many situations where going offshore can be of benefit. If you have ...


The new name is expected to be more effective in attracting clients who are more comfortable with legal outsourcing when the offshore company is affiliated with a Western law firm, and in attracting top-notch employment talent from around India. ...


Unfortunately it was just a telemarketer (no doubt sitting a couple of rows down from the phone support folks in the same call center) trying to push a credit card on me. This got me to thinking about the current legal skirmishes around "do not call" legislation. ...


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