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How to safely, securely destroy a credit card: 6 tips -
another man's excuse to help himself to a new line of credit. Taking a few half-hearted swipes with the scissors to your old credit cards just won't cut it anymore. Dumpster divers intent on looking for account numbers do not need much -- experts say even shredded cards can be pieced together by an earnest thief. "Anything you put out on the street, you're saying, 'Have at it,'" said Jim Stickley, author of "The Truth About Identity Theft" and a security expert ...
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Online Credit Card Application, No Annual Fee, 0 APR The best student credit cards can be compared at . ...


Before I start do discuss this strategy, let us just look briefly at the common marketing methods that are used by the card companies to recruit you as their customer. It's really hard to find any merchants better at promoting their products with all kind of sneaky tricks than the credit cards companies . These companies spend huge amounts on advertising their credit card offers. You will find offers and ads in ...


Credit Card Bonus Worth Up To Credit Cards for Bad Credit Rebuild your credit history with a card that caters to those with less than stellar credit. ... Discovered your write-up incredibly fascinating in truth. I truly experienced examining it so you make quite some fantastic details. ...
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When Credit Card Liability Shifts, Who Wins, Who's at Risk? On Oct. 1, the rules for who eats retail credit card fraud change -- and somebody different may be left holding the bag. ... Those 'Preapproved' Credit Card Offers Don't Tell the Truth Being preapproved for a credit card is more of a marketing gimmick than a step toward approval. ...
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may soon be creating a stir with customers who are credit card holders. Virgin Money recently increased its interest rates by 50 percent on credit cards held by more than 15,000 customers. The bank ...


By LaToya Irby Using credit cards unwisely can lead to a mountain of credit card debt that's nearly impossible to overcome. But how do you know if you're using your cards unwisely? ... The allure of credit is that it tricks us into thinking we can afford to buy more than we really can. Truth is, only extra income or lower expenses (or both) enables you to afford more expensive items. ...
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Credit cards are like a delightful gift from heaven. If you pay your bill on time, they’re actually a free short term loan. ... Most offer free warranty extensions on your purchases and  free car rental insurance . In fact, your credit card could provide over $1,000 of benefits you probably don’t even know about. ...


Because credit card debt is so rampant in this country the government ... There have been a number of shady and untrustworthy “credit card debt relief agencies” that have had less than honorable intentions. ...

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