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The expenses of life can be daunting and very expensive. To help with these costs, most people purchase insurance policies to plan for unpredictable expenses. Illnesses, home repairs, auto accidents, accidental deaths, dental, health, and travel are just a few of the many parts of life that lead to costs many people cannot afford. If you have a good insurance policy, you can avoid astronomical costs when a problem arises. ...


Life insurance can do more than provide a death benefit at the end of life. It can also help you plan your financial future by developing a savings or investment account. Term life insurance will only provide a death benefit, but permanent life insurance variations such as universal or variable life insurance policies are geared not just towards providing a death benefit, but helping to build your financial portfolio. ...
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Locate an Agent Calculators Life Insurance NeedsAssesses how much capital your family will need when you die to both meet immediate financial obligations and keep the household running. Disability Insurance NeedsDetermines the income needed to sustain your current standard of living should you become disabled and unable to work. Human Life ValueEstimates your future earnings and figures the financial loss that your family would incur if you were to die today. ...


The Insurance Blog By Alise Ramey Alise Ramey is a Creative Writer for a marketing firm and also owns Toronto Freelancer, a company that provides freelance writing and editing services. ... A mortgage can be a pretty expensive debt to pass on to another person. If you finance your home, like most people do, life insurance could cover your mortgage in the event of your death. ...
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Life Insurance Your comprehensive guide Purchasing life insurance coverage can be one of the most important and enduring financial decisions the head of a household makes for his or her family. ...


Trustmark introduces new critical illness insurance product Trustmark Insurance, a subsidiary of Trustmark Mutual Holding, has introduced a new patent-pending critical illness insurance product, designed to benefit consumers, brokers and employers. ...


[ Read More ] AutoClaim Mobile App Acquired by ABT Mining Company to Speed Claims Processing Pacific Life Selects GMC Software Technology for Managing Customer Retirement Communications It should almost go without saying that an informed customer is a satisfied customer. ...


20 Tips For Getting Cheaper Car Insurance Car insurance premiums increase year in year out. Even though your car insurance premium typically depends upon your car, it’s age and also it’s value there are some things you can do to help you stop this increase as well as lower your premium. ...


" In addition though Romney has also said on the campaign trail that he favors allowing interstate purchase of health insurance, allowing employers to circumvent their own state's insurance lwas in favor of less strict regulations, which I believe would allow many employers to seek out the cheapest, and therefore inferior coverage possible. ...

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