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Tweet This page contains consumer credit and debt statistics -- including statistics on credit card debt, credit card delinquencies, credit scores, credit card interest rates, debit cards, prepaid cards, bankruptcies and more -- compiled by the staff. ...
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How to Find Help Credit card relief is a popular topic these days, given the ever-increasing number of citizens who find themselves facing insurmountable debt. ... At best, it can be a struggle to keep up with the regular payments, and at worst, it can seem as though the credit companies won't stop until you're completely bankrupt. ...


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10:45 pm It would be beneficial to make a list of credit card interest rates on this forum. Average credit card interest rates that others are paying right now that myself and other readers would be able to compare our cards too? ...
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Credit card rates were flat again this week, according to Bankrate's latest survey of interest rates. The average annual percentage rate, or APR, on variable-rate credit cards was unchanged at 15.31 percent for the third consecutive week. ...
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credit-cards-reform-Barack-Obama Well, the waiting is finally over. ... wonder where the Obama-Biden ticket would stand on credit card industry reform. Obama came out months ago in ... He supports bans on unilateral changes to credit card agreements, interest on fees, universal default and retroactive application of interest rate hikes to credit card balances. Obama also supports bankruptcy law reforms and capping payday loan interest rates. ...


Search   UK Credit Card Offers Balance Transfer Popular Rewards Bad Credit Writer experiment: a week without cash Cash is still the leading payment method, but if current trends continue, that could change. ...
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Credit is a double-edged sword. Your credit cards allow you to make large purchases, take vacations with the family and shop online. At the same time, using credit cards without a clear plan for managing the debt can put you in severe financial distress. ...

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